Tyler Herro was a huge part of the Heat’s rise to the top of the East.

It didn’t matter if he was coming off the bench, Tyler Herro was a huge part of the Heat’s rise to the top of the East.

Playing on the bench is difficult. It is comparable to diving into a moving river. It is simple to become overwhelmed and drown. The bench players enter a game that has already taken on a life of its own. It is difficult to get a rhythm with the other players on the court who are already playing in rhythm. Even more challenging is creating a lasting impression that will genuinely alter the game’s flow.

Before this season, when Tyler Herro downgraded to the bench, he could have refused. He was one of the rising stars for the Miami Heat. His output increased from his rookie year to his sophomore year as he entered his third season in the league, Herro at ease for a breakout year. It was inevitable for him to assume a starting position. He might have viewed the bench duty as a demotion. Instead of resisting, Herro embraced the sixth man position on the team. Then he took off with it.

Herro provided Miami with significant Heat off the bench. He averaged 20.7 points per contest on 44.7 percent shooting. He had eight 30-point games this season, the highest since Lou Williams had 11 in 2017-18. Everyone is aware that Herro is a walking garbage can. However, this season, he has shown how much his passing has improved. He was the Heat’s second unit’s key playmaker, averaging four assists per game.

The decline in the team’s performance when the bench utilizes was no longer as severe. With Herro at the helm of the bench unit, the starters no longer carried such a hefty load, as they were confident they would not surrender leads.

A talented player like Tyler Herro coming off the bench has given a nontraditional club like the Heat more options.

Herro could place into any lineup due to his rapid production. He was frequently employed as a spark plug to combat the starters’ sluggish starts. Herro was also capable of playing alongside them during significant game stretches.

Similar to how Herro unleashed Miami’s potential, coming off the bench allowed him to shine brighter this season. He tasks with becoming the bench unit’s primary scorer and playmaker. Both are complex tasks, but Herro made it look effortless this season. Even though he was the sixth man in eclectic lineups, he still had to fit in with the starting. When Herro played alongside Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo, he effortlessly became a backup facilitator or spot-up shooter. This season, his adaptability distinguished him as the sixth man.

Herro’s role on the team does not diminish by using the bench. Instead, it highlighted his significance to the Heat even further. Due to the various ways he could assist the club, he includes the team’s closing lineups during close games. This season, he had a significant impact on several Miami victories.

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